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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo horoscope
Date Range: August 24 - September 23
Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Quality: Mutable
Element: Earth
Basic Trait: I Analyze
Closest Metal: Quicksilver
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Colors: Saffron Yellow and Azure Blue
Lucky Gems: Topaz, Agate and Aquamarine
Lucky Flowers: Lilies

Virgo has the image of 'The Virgin', however the similarity ends there itself. individuals born underneath the zodiac sign of Virgo square measure terribly dedicated to their families. they're not abundant talkative and principally stand removed from a crowd. However, they'll be noticing even the tiniest detail. the everyday Virgo temperament traits embrace temperament. Everything around him should be simply excellent. he's one among people who like carrying the precise quantity of modification for the bread, instead of asking the storekeeper for a modification. he's not abundant of a celebration bird, as a result of he primarily dislikes crowd.
Virgos board the important world. They neither day­dream, nor would like on stars. One look into them and you'll feel that they're loaded down with some worries. However, worrying symbolizes their characteristic profile. Infact, Virgo appears to air the lookout for it. A Virgo is extremely aware of his appearance and he can pay hours ahead of the mirror obtaining the crease on his trousers excellent. Everything concerning him should be excellent, right from the garments to the fragrance. Virgos have this peculiar habit of taking over additional work that they'll simply manage.

Then, they strain themselves on the far side limits, typically resulting in worn nerves. they will look pretty cool on the surface, but inside, they'll be extraordinarily anxious. One factor you'll take care of whereas coping with a Virgo, he's completely dependable and sincere. He might lie once during a whereas, particularly once he does not need to travel somewhere or do one thing. However, the lie are going to be completely harmless. A Virgo is very important of the individuals around him. Everything associated with him, together with his lover, should bear his forever-analyzing eyes.
He is fastidious concerning cleanliness, cannot tolerate lazy behavior, hates procrastination and isn't blind to flaws and faults, even of his precious ones. he's conjointly quite specific concerning every and each detail. However, that doesn't mean Virgos don't have a comic aspect. It's simply that as they hate impropriety, they conjointly cannot tolerate slovenliness. If such things do some across them, they become irritable and snappy. However, composure, patience, caring angle and endurance outline their true temperament.

He might criticize you for your faults, however if you're in hassle, he are going to be the primary person to assist you fix up everything. do not mention a Virgo's too important angle ahead of him; he are going to be the primary one to deny it. He conjointly appears to be completely blind to his own faults. Virgos have this habit of not having the ability to sit down at identical place for too long and turning restless simply. If you're infatuated with a Virgo, bear in mind that Virgos specific their love with subtleness.