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Gemini Horoscope 2014


Gemini Horoscope 2014

Gemini people are quite famous for their talkative personality. They don’t need to take time before they start the conversation and make intellectual environment around them. They are born between May 21 – June 21.
Words that Reveals Gemini’s Personae:

  • Interactive
  • Calm
  • Impassive
  • Practical
  • Grumpy

Gemini Horoscope 2014:
Free Gemini Horoscope 2014 foresees dire changes in life which may be the consequences of your hard work. The year will be full of peaks and valleys. Sometimes you may be happy to face bright time but sometimes dark shadows will make you depressed.

Bright Phases in 2014:

  • Progress in business front will be seen
  • Better career opportunity may knock the door
  • Hard work of yours will come into light
  • You will remain energetic throughout year

Dark Phases in 2014:

  • Meagre financial state may bring restlessness
  • Career build-up may ask more than sufficient of tough work and time
  • Workload may depress you
  • Job anxiety

Gemini and Love Relationship in year 2014:
Position of stars and planets show that Geminis may face tough time in love and romance life. Those who are married need not to worry. They are out of the trouble and this year will keep the relationship stable. Nevertheless, those who are merely in a commitment, connection may come to end this year.
The prophecy regarding Gemini Horoscope is exact as per astrological aspects. Changes in predictions can be expected due to further change in astrological condition.  

Dos and Don’ts:-

  • Stay calm and energetic
  • Keep working hard
  • Grab new and better job prospect
  • Invest sensibly


  • Don’t make financial investment in hurry
  • Don’t ignore your part of effort
  • Don’t forget your love and dear ones
  • Don’t avoid health related problems

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